To enter Canada everyone needs legal permission. This normally means you need a stamp in your passport or a visa. A visa is a special piece of paper that verifies you have been granted permission to enter or stay in Canada for a specified time. You may be granted permission to visit, work or study.

NL Immigration has successfully and efficiently completed temporary, permanent and citizenship applications for corporate and individual clients.

Nancy views her role as an immigration lawyer as that of a conduit between her clients and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. She listens to your needs, figures out which process best suits you and translates your story to the government officials. While the process and effort NL Immigration puts into their clients’ paper applications is beyond reproach, Nancy is unmatched in her ability to effectively communicate in person at interviews, hearings and in court.

Temporary Applications

These  applications allow you to stay in Canada temporarily.

Permanent Applications

These applications allow you to stay in Canada permanently and eventually become a Canadian citizen.

Citizenship Applications

These applications confirm or grant Canadian citizenship.

Representation for Interviews, Hearings and Litigation

Interviews with immigration officials, hearings at the Refugee Protection or Immigration Division, and litigation at the Immigration Appeal Division or Federal Court involve discussions and the exchange of information with various Canadian immigration departments.